Photojournalistic Weddings

The photojournalist approach to photographing your wedding day is a fun and unique way to tell the story of your special day. I combine newer images with traditional ones, giving your wedding day its special look that reflects your style and taste.

The photojournalistic style of photographing your wedding brings color to your day, often in black and white images and other various special effects. It is completely reactive, recording events are they naturally occur. I use this approach to record the day as it unfolds, capturing the spontaneous moments in an unobtrusive way. The combination of hard-edged photography and the elegance of the occasion, I feel create a contrast of beauty in the photos which I hope you will enjoy a lifetime…..

Tomorrow…your elegant wedding dress will weep, alone in a closet.
Tomorrow…your radiant bouquets will be drained of their glorious beauty.
Tomorrow…your magnificent cake will be in crumbled ruins.
And tomorrow…your wedding photographs will be just starting to bud,
with a lifetime of precious memories!
Today…You have a choice…
Tomorrow might be too late.